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Watch Repair

Marlow’s Fine Jewelry is an experienced watch repair shop that has a team of full-service watch repair experts available. Whether you need a watch battery, new watch strap, have questions about features, or something else, we can assist you. Check out some of the services we provide to our customers:

  • Watch battery replacement

Replacing the watch battery is one of the most common types of repair needed. The quartz movement inside of the watch stops working when the battery dies, so you need to replace it right away. Digital watches also need batteries to run. You don’t have to worry about knowing which size battery you need. We have all sizes and types available, and we will determine the right one for your watch before replacing it.


  • Cleaning and overhaul

Sometimes a watch needs a good cleaning to get it working properly again. Other times it needs a full mechanical overhaul. This is a delicate process that involves taking apart the inside of the watch, replacing any worn parts, calibrating it, and resealing everything. Doing this can bring the watch back to like-new condition, but you need someone you can trust with this intricate repair. We have the right experts who can help.


  • Sizing and fitting adjustment

The bracelet of your watch may be too tight or loose for you. You may also find that the watch piece is not properly connected to the strap. We offer sizing and fitting adjustments to ensure that everything is securely together and fits properly on your wrist.


  • Strap replacement

Some watches have leather or fiber straps, while others have a metal bracelet, such as silver, gold, or Titanium. No matter what type of strap or bracelet your watch has, we can replace it for you. You may need to replace it because the one you have is broken or damaged. Perhaps you want to change the look of your watch with a strap that’s different. Our watch repair experts can help you find a strap that matches the look of your watch as well as your style.


  • Pin replacement

If the pin of the watch strap, buckle, or clasp has become loose, you can get it replaced with a new fresh spring loaded pin.  We stock replacement pins in all sizes and gauges so we are sure to have the right pin to repair your watch.


  • Crystal polishing

The crystal is the clear piece that sits over the dials and hands of the watch. Many crystals can scratch, get cracked, or can get damaged from accidental impact. Our experts can evaluate it and suggests options for repairing, re-polishing, or replacing it.  You may discover that it is not cracked, but you still have trouble reading the time. This means the crystal is scratched and needs polishing and our jewelers are happy to polish it for you.


  • Factory repair and maintenance

Our team is highly skilled and we offer factory-level repair and maintenance on many brands and styles of watches. In some cases, we may need to send it back to the factory for repair. If that is the case, we will work with you to get your watch back to its best condition.


  • Authentication

Do you have a watch that you think may be a Rolex or valuable timepiece but you aren’t sure? Our authentication services can help you determine whether the watch you own is truly what you think it is. We can authenticate the era, model, and brand of watch.

At Marlow’s Fine Jewelry, we are pleased to offer such a wide range of watch repair services. Come on in and let us show you how we can help you keep your watch running smoothly for years to come.