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Jewelry repair specialist during work

Jewelry Repair Issaquah, WA

At Marlow’s Fine Jewelry, we have experience in all types of jewelry repair. Our jewelers have been a trusted part of the business for over 40 years, and we have helped many customers with their broken pieces. Here are just a few of the fine jewelry repair services we provide to our customers:


Does your ring no longer fit? Did you inherit a beautiful ring from your favorite Aunt that doesn’t fit you well? We can resize platinum, gold, and silver rings to a smaller or larger size so that it fits on your hand. We will measure the finger you plan to wear the ring on, so we know your exact size before we begin. We will then adjust the ring appropriately to your size, making it a perfect fit.

  • Prong repair

Jewelry prongs are tiny pieces of metal, such as gold and silver, which act as the settings for gemstones. They can wear down over time due to regular use, like tire tread, or can snap off if the jewelry is impacted or damaged. This can cause stones to loosen or even fall out. You don’t want this to happen, so bring in your fine jewelry to us. We will inspect all prong work on your jewelry to ensure that everything is set properly. Our jewelers will tighten the prongs if needed.

  • Re-tipping

Sometimes the prongs on your jewelry are intact but the tips have worn down and are no longer strong enough to hold tightly.  If this is the case, our jewelry repair service team can re-tip the prongs, so they work like new again. This will ensure that your gemstones remain in their setting.

  • Rhodium plating

White gold jewelry is made of gold alloyed with other metals. This is because gold is naturally yellow. When this is done, the result is usually an off-white color. To get the beautiful color of white gold, the piece is plated with rhodium. Rhodium plating will bring back that sparkle and shine to any white gold jewelry you have that is becoming dull and worn.

  • Chain repair

After repeated wearing, the chain of your necklace may begin to fray or even break. You don’t want to lose your necklace, or any pendant, stone, or locket that was hanging from it. Bring it to us and we will take care of it with our chain repair service.

  • Stone setting

Our expert jewelers can set stones back into jewelry. This includes diamonds, semi-precious, precious, and exotic gemstones. We will carefully reset the stone and make sure it is securely in place.

  • Gemstone polishing

As with all jewelry, gemstones can become dull and lose their sparkle over time. We can polish and clean your gemstones so that they look vibrant, crisp, and bright again.

  • Restringing

A string of pearls on a necklace is gorgeous, but the stringing can age over time making them fragile. If it breaks, we can help by restringing the pearls back together. Collect all the pearls and bring them to our shop. If you lose any, we can help you find a suitable replacement.

Stop by our store to speak to one of our team about your issue. We will take a look at the problem and show you what can be done to restore it back to its original condition. Nothing is ever truly broken because we will be able to fix it!  When others say it can be done, we always find a way!

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